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About Us

Ningbo Buhong Metal Products Co.,Ltd. is a joint venture. Our company lies in scenery with green hills and clear waters pleasant China Oriental Pearl ------Industrial parks of five townships of Yinzhou of Ningbo. The company borders on national highway 329 in the south, border on the Shanghai-Hangzhou expressway of Ningbo in the north, go to the harbour of Beilun of Ningbo directly in the east, next to the airport of oak society of Ningbo in the west, the traffic is very convenient.  

Our company is established in A.D. 2000. The company covers an area of more than 22000 square meters, floor area is more than 12000 square meters, have more than 300 staff, among them there are more than 40 a high title and relevant professional and technical personnels. The company has all kinds of complete production equipment, including adjusting 10 straight unloading machines, some single welders imported completely, some welder of Longmen more 22, cut 2 boards in and the large-scale hydraulic pressure, roll over 4 curved machines, 20 5-500T punchers, 30 sets of jig finish machining apparatus of the mould, all kinds of welders weld 26 sets of apparatus. Last workshop and panel beating workshop and gush out mould network the blocks on it have company it is specialized /paint, electroplate the workshop. In addition there is specialized foreign trade that packs the supplier and other related suppliers. All these make production of our company more professional, more competitive.   

Our company products process mainly including gushing out, moulding / spraying paint / electroplating according to surface / hot to soak zinc and other series of special-purpose processing; Include steel products types mainly according to processing materials, the plastics, aluminium, copper, stainless steel, produce the life series woodenly; Put thing network a network basket according to products main function including all kinds of (specialize in the supermarket network slice, network basket); Shelve all kinds of, analogize car each, storage all kinds of envelope tray, bar all kinds of, series such as the guardrail,etc.

Our company is that one collects product development, production, sell integrative specializing in the company, company's product category involves more than 30 kinds of series and nearly more than 1000 kinds of specifications. Because the product design is exquisite, fancy, the craft is consummate, successively exported to U.S.A., more than 20 countries and regions such as Canada, Britain, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa,etc., favored by the customer.   

Our company relies on advanced and superior apparatus, high-quality staff's team, strong technical force and scientific management system, diligent constant enterprising spirit, make our company grow into strong capability professional manufacturing company of trade this rapidly.  

Our company is by " innovates realistically, pursue and surmount " it is the enterprising spirit, by " conduct oneself conscientiouslying "ing, do things steady and surely, make unceasing progress, " it is a corporate culture in lifetime study; Until " whether innovate with keen determination, serve sincerely, quality is first, prestige is the highest " it is a management aim, it is complete to offer quality to the masses of customers wholeheartedly, have good quality, the products with exquisite appearance. Our staff welcome the presence of internal and external friend heartily for step letter!